The Marina dry storage facility is the safe and secure solution for recreational boaters. This state of the art building can hold 300 boats up to 40 feet. Boats are accessible during business hours by two large forklifts capable of lifts of 24,000 pounds.

Dry Storage Rates

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We offer both long and short term plans designed to facilitate the different needs of boaters. Please contact the Marina with any questions.

$12.00 / foot with a 12-Month Annual Prepaid Lease
$13.00 / foot with a 12-Month Annual Lease Paid Monthly
$14.00 / foot with a 6-Month Semi-Annual Prepaid Lease
$16.00 / foot with a 3-Month Prepaid Lease

Dry Storage Price Includes

  • Unlimited lifts in and out of the water.
  • Use of outdoor wash racks.
  • Engine flush & wash down from the water line down upon return.

* Vessels under 20' will be evaluated to determine appropriateness for our facility.

Adjustments to Length:

  • For every foot over 9 feet beam, add 2 feet to length.
  • For every foot over 8 feet in height, add 3 feet to length.

Special Notes:

  • All prices are calculated based on 'tip to tip' overall length, plus beam & height adjustments.
  • All rates are subject to MS sales taxes.
  • Rates effective 1/1/20 - subject to change without notice.